Industries We Serve

X-ray showing a hip implant representing orthopedic and medical device testing

JTL America provides a wide variety of mechanical testing for medical devices including implants, instruments, and materials. Our test reports are routinely used for submission to the FDA as well as global regulatory bodies in Europe, South America, and Asia.

The front of a dissembled automobile that's being prepared for automotive testing

Automotive testing exists to ensure cars are always in good condition and companies produce top quality parts. In an increasingly competitive industry, all system components should function properly to guarantee safety for the vehicle’s entire life cycle.

Close up of a jet engine turbine representing aerospace and aviation testing

JTL America serves your aerospace testing needs by providing an extensive range of services. Our goal is to help your manufacturing business maintain its good name in the industry by ensuring your products meet the intended industry specifications.

Services We Offer

Male engineer working in front of a computer at the testing labs of JTL America

The experts at JTL America offer first-rate mechanical testing services. This service is used to test an object’s durability under specific conditions. These conditions may include: tension, compression, fatigue, or a combination of each. Our experts also produce custom mechanical testing fixtures in-house.

Engineer in a lab next to a large blue machine used to conduct vibration testing services

The engineers at JTL America offer cutting edge vibration testing services. We specialize in thermal (temperature and humidity) and ambient vibration testing. The vibration test systems offered at our laboratories can be performed under a variety of conditions. These conditions include but are not limited to: sine, random, sine on random, shock, or a combination of each.

Large X-ray machine connected to two duel flat screen monitors used to conduct X-ray CT scanning services

We offer fast, non-destructive inspection methods such as 2D X-ray and 3D X-ray CT scanning. These methods allow us to examine the interior of an object without compromising structural integrity. Internal features, such as voids, wall thickness, and failure cracks in any cross sectional slices.

Man sitting in front of a flat screen computer conducting 3D scanning services

The high precision 3D scanning offered by our inspection experts convert an object and its components into 3D representation. The data obtained from the inspection can be used for full color map surface comparison and a variety of other types of dimensional inspection.

About JTL

JTL America is an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory with a team of experienced engineers. Our engineers are dedicated to providing cutting-edge testing and inspection services for automotive, orthopedic, aerospace, and other industrial applications. JTL America provides state-of-the-art testing solutions to clients worldwide and has two primary locations in Fort Wayne, IN and Livonia, MI. Learn more about how JTL America can serve the quality testing needs of your industry.

Three male engineers standing around industrial machinery inside a warehouse

JTL America is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. It is the global standard of quality governing the operation of testing laboratories.

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