We take pride in our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, as well as in our set of sophisticated testing machines suitable to a variety of industries. Serving as a trusted partner in evaluation technology to many companies, we’ve helped a number of businesses gain a competitive edge in their specific industry.
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Our Services

Mechanical Testing

Tension and Compression Testing
We perform this test to determine the tensile strength, yield strength, and yield point elongation of your product when stretching loads are applied on it. Fatigue Testing
Our engineers apply cyclic loading to your material to
understand how it will perform – specifically, its crack initiation
and fatigue life under similar conditions in actual use. Learn more

Enviromental Testing

Vibration Testing
·Random, Sine Sweep, Sine on Random, Shock Testing
·Combined vibration and environmental Testing
·Resonant searches and dwells
·Custom test fixture design and fabrication
·Fixture resonance evaluation
·Thermal vibration testing capabilities
-50°C to 150°C / Humidity up to 95%RH

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X-ray CT Scanning

X-ray CT Scanning allows non-destructive inspection of inner structures. It can be the fastest and most accurate method for R&D benchmark research, QA material/defects analysis and more.

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Blue Light 3D Scanning

With high precision 3D scanning, we can convert the surface shape of the sample into a 3D representation. It can be used for benchmark research of R&D and dimension inspection of quality assurance.

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Metallography determines the physical structure and
proximate composition of metals.
It is used for failure analysis, quality check, and determination of material characteristics. Learn more

Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis is a process that offers a better understanding of the substances used in their products and other industrial processes. This analysis helps clients meet and maintain regulatory compliance.

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ANAB-Test-Lab-2C JTL America is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017
ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is the global standard of quality governing the operation of testing laboratories. Certificate of Accreditation  PDF download