About JTL America

JTL America is an ISO 17025 accredited independent testing laboratory focusing on mechanical testing, vibration testing and inspection services with a team of experienced engineers. Our engineers are dedicated to providing cutting-edge testing and inspection services for automotive, orthopedic, aerospace, and other industrial applications. Formed in December 2017, JTL America has an established history and heritage in delivering testing solutions to different industries through the merger of A-kit America and Knight Mechanical Testing.

The Story of Two Companies

In 1999, a company called A-kit, Inc. was born from the quality control division of Nohara Manufacturing, Inc. in Japan. A-kit primarily provided mechanical testing, 3D measurement, and analytical services for the Automotive industry. With A-kit professional product evaluation services, clients saved time, labor, and increased their product quality. Recent years saw the demand for quality, speed, and diversity in the field of evaluation, which are elements that matter in the manufacturing process. In June 2016, A-kit America was established in Livonia, MI as 100% subsidiary company of A-kit, meeting the demand by providing clients with high quality services.

Knight Mechanical Testing (KMT), on the other hand, can trace its beginnings in 2006 with Nolan and Kevin Knight and their colleague Pat Ballinger. Their prior experience in various captive testing laboratories in the Automotive and Orthopaedic industries enabled the trio to leverage their knowledge for a solo venture. KMT first gained recognition in the Orthopaedic industry, providing major Orthopaedic OEMs, start ups, and suppliers in the Orthopaedic industry, easier access to quality test laboratories and high quality customer service. Currently, the ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory specializes in material and component testing for Medical and Automotive industries.

The increasing number of opportunities from the globalization of industries resulted A-kit expanding their business to the United States. After the establishment of A-kit America, business opportunity brought A-kit America to meet KMT and that resulted in a 100% acquisition of KMT by A-kit America.

Combination of Knowledge

After a year of collaboration in between A-kit America and KMT, in December 2017, this combination of businesses formed JTL (Japan Testing Laboratories) America.

We are committed to delivering suitable evaluation technology, so you can meet and maintain prevailing standards in your industry and, in the process, enable you to pursue opportunities in your market. We believe that the combination of two cultures and industries creates a more sustainable company that meets the testing needs of all industries. We aim to build a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and invest in sophisticated testing machines to help a variety of sectors. As a bilingual organization, fluent in English and Japanese, we can also cater to the needs of a larger client base,” said by Kevin Knight, former President of KMT.

Indiana Lab / U.S. Headquarters
3205 Clairmont Ct. #B
Fort Wayne, IN 46808
Phone: 260-489-1444

Michigan Lab
12250 Belden Ct.
Livonia, MI 48150
Phone: 734-772-1004

Flexible Customer Service

Clients are the top priority in JTL America. Our team runs tests every day, but we always consider perspective. Understanding developments in the manufacturing industry can be difficult but essential. JTL America completes the complex puzzle by updating clients about their tests, especially when factors out of the ordinary are noticed. JTL America maintains regular consultations in developing the most appropriate test plan to establish better customer-company relationships. Should opportunities to save time or money emerge, we will identify and communicate them to the clients.

Giving the client company a competitive edge in the industry with a partner that can be trusted, and that partner will be JTL America.