Outstanding Automotive Testing Services

The automotive industry is no stranger to recalls due to part failures. Malfunctioning car parts not only endanger lives and properties; these also threaten a company’s good reputation. In an increasingly competitive industry, there is no room for mishaps; all system components should function properly to guarantee safety for the vehicle’s entire life cycle. So, here at JTL America, we provide automotive testing services to ensure cars are always in good condition and companies produce top quality parts.

We serve your testing needs by providing an extensive range of services. Our goal is to help your manufacturing business maintain its good name in the industry by ensuring your products meet the intended industry specifications.


Automotive Services:

Our experts perform this testing under ambient or controlled conditions to determine the tensile strength, yield point elongation, and other tension-related properties of your material.

With our vibration testing, you can make sure that your new automotive products meet performance and durability standards. After all, this test can reveal hidden design weaknesses.

Our 3D scanner enables the measuring and inspecting of the individual parts of a product.

Through X-ray CT Scanning, we locate surface or subsurface defects of a part or component without affecting the integrity of the entire product. This method can be used in every stage of the product’s construction process to guarantee the reliability of materials and welded joints.

Whether you need to see if the product is fit for its application or examine the reason for its failure, metallography will help determine the physical structure and composition of metals in a product.

With our chemical analysis, we will help you better understand the chemical substances or composition used in your automotive product. This test will help you meet and maintain regulatory compliance.

Our team offers regular production checks, comparative analysis, extensive R&D support, and thorough investigation when metallic and nonmetallic parts fail. We take pride in our experience with different vehicle life cycles; our endurance testing is applicable for cars of all sizes. With lifecycle and endurance testing, it is easier to assess the reliability of cars and their components.

Because we value your trust as a client, we implement only the most meticulous processes.

Our strict quality system strives to deliver accurate and reliable data. With our experienced and skilled technicians, we consistently provide unparalleled quality and innovation to our clients in the automotive industry.

For all of your testing needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Talk to our team today to learn more about our automotive testing solutions.