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Automotive Testing

Recalls and part failures are a major concern for the automotive industry. Malfunctioning car parts not only threaten a company’s reputation, but also cause major financial damage and ultimately endangers the safety of users. In an increasingly competitive industry, there’s no room for mishaps; all system components should function properly to guarantee safety for the vehicle’s entire life cycle. The globally accredited testing laboratories at JTL America provide automotive testing services to ensure cars are always in good condition and companies produce top quality parts.

We serve the needs of the automotive industry by providing an extensive range of engineering expertise and testing services. Our goal is to help your manufacturing business maintain its good name in the industry by ensuring your products meet intended industry specifications.

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Automotive Testing Services

Our team offers regular production checks, comparative analysis, extensive R&D support, and thorough investigation when metallic and nonmetallic parts fail. We take pride in our experience with different vehicle life cycles; our endurance testing is applicable for cars of all sizes. With lifecycle and endurance testing, it is easier to assess the reliability of cars and their components. Below is a list of individual automotive testing services offered by our company.

There are more standards.
Please contact us if you have any questions.


JTL specializes in ambient and thermal (temperature and humidity) vibration testing. Temperature can be controlled from -50°C up to 150°C with 10% RH to 95% RH. Sine, random, sine on random, shock, and/or a combination can be performed by our experienced engineers.

Standards We Test To

– ASTM International
– Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEC)
– International Code Council (ICC)
– International Electromechanical Commission (IEC)
– International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
– International Safe Transportation Association (ISTA)
– Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
– General Motors Worldwide (GMW)
– Military Standards (US)
– Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA)
– SAE International
– R&D Customer Driven


We offer fast, non-destructive inspection methods such as 2D X-ray and 3D X-ray CT scanning.


– Failure analysis
– Circuit board wiring pattern investigation
– Internal voids investigation of raisin material
– Aluminum die product internal voids investigation
– Assembled parts fitted investigation

3D Scanning for Automotive

The high precision 3D data plays a tremendous role in benchmark research of R&D and dimension inspection of quality assurance.


– 3D Scan Data exported in STL format
– Compare and inspect to CAD models, 2D drawings, and part to part
– Full 3D color maps with deviation labels
– Section Inspection
– Dimensional Inspection
– Trend Analysis

The following is a list of primary ASTM standards used by our engineers. Please note, there are additional standards.
If you have questions about these standards, or another standard that’s not listed, don’t hesitate to contact our engineers.


Our experts perform this testing under ambient or controlled conditions to determine the tensile strength, yield point elongation, and other tension-related properties of your material.

 Standards We Test To

  Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials
  Compressive Yield Testing of Metallic Materials
– ASTM E399
  Standard Test Method for Linear-Elastic Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness KIc of Metallic Materials
– ASTM E466
  Axial Fatigue – Constant Stress Amplitude
– ASTM E606
  Axial Fatigue – Constant Strain Amplitude
– ASTM B645
  Standard Test Method for Linear-Elastic Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness of Aluminum Alloys
– ASTM E1820
  Standard Test Method for Measurement of Fracture Toughness Jic

Equipment Used For Testing

MTS 810 Material Testing System
The 810 Material Testing System delivers a broad array of testing
capabilities for both low and high force static and dynamic testing.

Force Capacities: 25 kN to 100 kN

1st Calibrated Point as low as 2N

Dynamic Stroke: 152 mm

Materials: plastics to aluminum, composites and steel

Testing capability: Tensile to high cycle fatigue, fracture mechanics, and durability of components

MTS Landmark Floor-Standing and Table-Top
MTS Landmark Systems deliver a broad array of testing capabilities for
both low and high force static and dynamic testing.

Force Capacity: up to 250 kN

1st Calibrated Point as low as 2N

Dynamic Stroke: up to 250 mm

Materials: ranging in strength from plastics to aluminum, composites and steel

Testing capability: tension, compression, bending and fatigue tests; specialized tests for biomedical and biomechanical testing; and durability testing on small components

Unholtz-Dickie Model SAI60F-H560B 16LP

Blue circular shaped machine on wheels used for vibration testing

Vibration testing shaker

Vibration Test System

Shaker Type: Electrodynamic

Vibration Types: Sine, random, sine on random

Axis: X, Y, Z

Sine Force (pk) : 8,000 lbf (35.6 kN)

Random Force (rms): 8,000 lbf (35.6 kN)

Shock Force: 19,000 lbf (85kN)

Usable Frequency Range: 5 to 3,000 Hz

Stroke: Up to 2” pk-pk



Weiss Technik Model EVH50-2-8-RAC-CVL

Temperature/Humidity/Vibration Chamber

Temperature: – 50°C to + 150°C

Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.1°C to +/-0.5°C

Humidity: 10% RH to 95% RH

Humidity Accuracy: +/-1.0%RH to +/-5.0%RH

Test Space Dimensions: W 44″ (1118mm) x D 44” x H 44″

Temperature Ramp Rate: Heating Rate 2.2°C/minute

Cooling Rate 1.0°C/minute

ATOS III-Triple Scan
Easy scanning of shiny or dark surfaces and complex parts.

Camera Pixels: 2 x 8 000 000

Measuring Area: 38 x 29 – 2000 x 1500 ㎟

Point Spacing: 0.01 – 0.61 mm

Measured points per scan: 8 million points

Operating Temperature: 5 -40 degree, non condensing

Non-contact structured light 3D scanner for part digitizing

Simplify complex measurement tasks in product development and production

Shorten development processes

Improved product quality & faster measurement

Higher production throughput

XT H 225

XT H 225 systems feature a microfocus X-ray source offering high image resolution.

Operationg Voltage: 30 to 225 kV

Beam current: 0 to 1mA

Power rating: 225 W High Power

Focal spot size: 3μm

Beam angle: 25° included angle, conical beam

Filament type: Tungsten

Manipulator max travel: 185 mm in X, 280 mm in Y and 730 mm in Z

Maximum weight: 15kg

Varian 2520Dx 16bit Digital Panel

Automotive Testing Lab Locations

JTL America’s headquarters and mechanical test laboratory is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The vibration and metrology laboratories are located in Livonia, Michigan. This is conveniently located within Southeast Michigan to serve the automotive industry. Our testing facilities hold the accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025:2017; this is the global standard of quality governing the operation of testing laboratories. We have the equipment, certifications, and expertise to conduct high quality, inspections and tests on automotive vehicles and their components.

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