Testing for Materials and Coatings of Medical Equipment

The test program for porous coatings is very well defined and includes static tensile strength, static shear strength, shear fatigue strength, bending fatigue strength, abrasion resistance, as well as requirements for porosity. This applies to HA coatings, sintered beads, plasma sprayed Ti, as well as new technology such as metal scaffolding and 3D printed porous structures.

In addition to coating tests, JTL routinely performs material testing for lot validation, new equipment validation, as well as manufacturing process evaluation. Recent projects include an evaluation of peening operations on CoCr, the influence of various laser marking parameters on spinal rods, and an evaluation of the influence of hot isostatic pressing on the fatigue life of 3D printed material.

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ASTM Standards Test Name
F1044 Standard Test Method for Shear Testing of Calcium Phosphate Coatings and Metallic Coatings
F1147 Standard Test Method for Tension Testing of Calcium Phosphate and Metallic Coatings
F1160 Standard Test Method for Shear and Bending Fatigue Testing of Calcium Phosphate and Metallic Medical and Composite Calcium Phosphate/Metallic Coatings