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Michigan Automotive & Aerospace Testing Laboratory

JTL America is an ISO 17025 accredited independent testing laboratory focusing on mechanical testing, vibration testing and inspection services. Our team of engineers are dedicated to providing cutting-edge testing and inspection for orthopedic, automotive, aerospace, and other industrial applications. JTL America is proud to have provided testing and engineering services to top tier OEMs and suppliers.

Our test lab in Livonia, Michigan provides top quality vibration testing, x-ray scanning and 3D scanning, for manufacturers’ product development.

JTL America has the capacity to get tests done quickly, but more importantly the knowledge, experience, and customer focus to get tests done right.

Inside view of a lab showing a vibration shaker and other heavy equipment used to test automotive components
A 3D Scanning machine is projecting a blue light onto an object, and showing the model on a computer screen.

Vibration Testing in Michigan

Ambient Vibration Testing
Combined Temperature and Humidity Vibration Testing

Using state of the art Unholtz-Dickie vibration tables, the engineers at JTL America provide vibration testing services to assess a component’s performance and durability characteristics under real-world conditions. This includes testing of components and assemblies used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Force output up to 8,000 lbf-sine, 8,000 lbf-random, 3-axis vibration
Frequencies 5Hz to 3000Hz
Displacement up to 2 inch peak-to-peak
Shock up to 100g
Temperature range from -50°C to +150°C (-58°F to +350°F)
Relative humidity up to 95%

More information on vibration testing offered at our lab
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3D Scanning

We offer 3D scanning with blue light technology that enables high quality data for full-object dimensional analysis. This includes a variety of outputs such as 3D colormaps and cross sectional inspection reports.

Our laboratory uses the ATOS III Triple Scan to conduct 3D inspections. Here are some of the specifications for this scanner.

Lens TypeAccuracyScanning Area per Scan
MV100 Lens5 μm100 x 75 x 70 mm
MV320 Lens16 μm320 x 240 x 240 mm
MV700 Lens28 μm700 x 530 x 520 mm

Camera Pixels: 8 000 000 x 2
Scanning Points: 8 000 000
Point Spacing: 0.01 – 0.61 mm

Output: STL data, surface comparison colormaps, dimensional inspection reports, customized Excel format data report.

More information on 3D scanning services offered at our lab
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X-ray Scanning

Our engineers use non-destructive x-ray scanning to conduct high precision inspections of an object’s interior without any compromise in structural integrity.

Using this high resolution technology, we inspect an object’s interior structure, dimensions, failure roots, etc.

From design verification to aftermarket quality checks, X-ray CT scanning is one of the most cost effective and accurate inspection solutions for various stages of a product’s manufacturing process.

Individual aspects and uses include:

  • 3D X-ray CT Scanning
  • 2D X-ray Scanning
  • Void Analysis
  • Internal Dimensional Inspection
  • Failure Analysis
  • Real-Time X-Ray
  • Welding Quality Analysis
  • Assembly Verification
  • Product Quality Screening

More Information on X-ray CT scanning offered at our lab
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