X-ray CT Scanning

The feature of X-ray CT scan is the ability to observe any cross-sectional position / magnification from 3 directions (X, Y, Z) and structure observation by 3D image. Various analysis functions such as creation of slice image of minimum 5 μm, identification of material by gray scale adjustment, various dimension measurement and area / volume calculation are available.

Nikon XT H225 Specification

· Operating Voltage: 30 to 225kV
· Power Rating: 225 W High Power
· Focal Spot Size: 3 μm
· Maximum Travel: X 185mm / Y 280mm / Z 730mm
· Maximum Weight: 15 kg
· Filament Type: Tungsten


· Circuit board wiring pattern investigation
· Internal voids investigation of raisin material
· Raisin/seramnic inner contamination investigation
· Aluminum die product internal voids investigation
· Assembled parts fitted investigation (Caulking etc.)
· Mass production defects investigation

X-ray CT Scanning is not just useful for product quality assurance, it is also an indispensable maintenance and inspection process. Used as part of a plant’s maintenance program, they allow early identification of components that will soon need replacement so that equipment failure can be prevented. As the testing does not damage the system, it is a cost-effective option for manufacturers and plant managers.

JTL America has a wide range of testing techniques to evaluate systems, products, and product materials or components. Our X-ray CT Scanning services are available for various industries including engineering, mechanical, automotive, primary metals, biomedical and aerospace.

Our specialists are adept at various methods available and understand relevant standards and specifications of the materials or systems they are evaluating. X線透過像 コネクタX線CT写真 X線CT写真 BGAスライス像

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