Industrial 3D Scanning Services

One of the major industrial inspection services offered by our experts involves 3D scanning with blue light technology. With this high precision 3D technology, we can convert the surface shape of the sample into a 3D representation. Blue light 3D scanning is commonly used for benchmark research of R&D and dimension inspection of quality assurance.

This is a key test for quality assurance and product development because it allows for the inspection of a product without compromising an object’s structural integrity. In other words, the user can see inside an object without causing damage to the object or individual components. Continue reading to learn about the industrial 3D scanning equipment and capabilities offered by our globally accredited testing facilities.

Man sitting in front of a flat screen computer conducting 3D scanning services

3D Scanning at JTL America

The high resolution 3D scanning technology used by our engineers is very versatile and has many applications. For instance, we have the ability to scan very small objects (such as the size of a penny) to extra-large objects (such as door trims).

Our 3D scanning technology measures millions points per single scan and uses advanced measuring and projection techniques to produce high quality data and precision accuracy for full-object dimensional analysis. This includes various part sizes, surfaces, finishes, and geometries. The data gathered from 3D scanning can be exported as STL file suitable for a first article inspection (FAI). Furthermore, the scanning technology we use is portable; thus, if the objects are large, it’s possible to perform these inspections on-site.

3D Scanning Uses

3D scanning image showing data in STL format
3D Scan Data in STL format
After 3D Scanning, the cloud data is polygonized. The STL data is suitable for quality control data and 3D printing.
3D scanning image showing a full 3D color map
Full 3D Color Map
STL data can be inspected and compared with CAD models, 2D drawings, and other scanned parts.
3D scanning image showing a full 3D color map with deviation labels
Full 3D Color Map with Deviation Labels
Deviation labels can be placed on any location required. The inspection can be automated to inspect large number of samples timely and cost effectively.
3D image showing cross sectional measurement of an object
Section Inspection
Cross section measurement offers clear visualization and evaluation in any slice required.
3D image showing dimensional measurements for intricate geometries of an object
Dimensional Inspection
Variety of accurate dimensional measurement for any intricate geometries can be inspected.
3D image showing statistical color plots for range and stigma with SPC parameters
Trend Analysis
Statistical color plots for range and sigma is evaluated showing SPC parameters.
Advanced machine for 3D scanning called the ATOS III Triple Scan. It's a red and black machine with multiple high quality lenses.

Equipment Used For Testing

ATOS III Triple Scan – The ATOS III Triple Scan is a high quality industrial optical 3D scanner used for the measurement and inspection of components. The ATOS measures different object sizes, surface finishes, and complexities. Furthermore, the ATOS provides versatility to 3D digitizing by delivering: accurate 3D coordinates and high data quality, parametric inspection/evaluation, complete measuring reports, and more. You can see a list of specifications and additional features for the ATOS III Triple Scan below:

Metrology & Inspection Lab Locations

The main metrology testing facilities at JTL America are located in Livonia, Michigan. We offer a variety of high quality industrial inspections at this location including blue light 3D scanning and X-ray CT scanning. This testing lab is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 which is the global standard of quality governing the operation of testing laboratories. JTL America provides fast quotes and accepts projects all throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago/Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and more.

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JTL America has a wide range of testing techniques to evaluate systems, products, and product materials or components. Our metrology and inspection services are available for various industries including engineering, mechanical, automotive, primary metals, biomedical and aerospace. Our specialists are adept at various methods available and understand relevant standards and specifications of the materials or systems they are evaluating.

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