Industrial X-ray Scanning Services

X-ray scanning is a non-destructive inspection method that allows high precision investigation of an object’s interior without compromising structural integrity. This method of inspection has several industrial applications and is especially useful for industries where quality is the most critical requirement. Manufacturers and suppliers of automotive, aerospace and orthopedic medical devices benefit from these high precision, non-destructive inspection abilities. With high resolution X-ray technology, inside structure, dimension, failure roots, fit and function can be inspected in a simple process. Imaging out internal features can be the most cost effective and best approach for the visual and dimensional evaluation.

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A woman operating an X-ray scanning machine

X-ray imaging is the fastest and most reliable inspection methods used in many stages of the manufacturing process.

X-ray scanning can be used for design verification and evaluating consistency in the pre-production and post-production. When defects are found in the products, locating failure roots without damaging the specimen is possible, which is a significant advantage over other inspection methods. One of the most common analysis that JTL specializes in is void analysis on metal welding components, aluminum castings, electrical components such as printed circuit boards (PCB).

X-ray scanning is also useful for testing repeatability for lot inspection and quality control. JTL has evaluated small numbers of specimens to hundreds for quality assurance. Both internal and external geometries can be measured, such as length, angles, roundness, wall thickness, shape profiles and more. These geometric measurements are used to ensure that the dimensions fall within the required tolerance levels. Customized reports are created along with high quality images. These 3D images are taken in any predetermined angles and magnification. The scanned data can be sent and viewed in three-dimensions by the customer. Scanned data can be compared to other scanned parts or CAD models. This comparison provides color coded maps and deviation data.

Additionally, for research and development purposes, x-ray CT images can be exported as STL data and used for reverse engineering.

JTL America offers high quality X-ray scanning and other industrial testing services to ensure quality and safety standards are met within your industry. We have the expertise and equipment to conduct top-quality industrial inspections.

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X-ray Scanning Applications

3D representation showing an angle of a gas cap being measured for thickness, distance, height wall thickness

Internal Dimensional Inspection

Geometries, such as length, angles, roundness, wall thickness, shape profiles that are only visible through X-ray scanning can be measured to ensure that the dimensions fall within the required tolerance levels.

Graph showing 2D x-ray void analysis

Void Analysis

The analysis result is quantified by volume and location for each void or pore.  The area of interest such as solder, the area of void and the percentages of voids are calculated and reported.

3D representation of an automotive heater hose connector via an x-ray scan.

Failure Analysis

This is an analysis performed by X-ray 2D scanning or CT scanning data’s cross sectional slice images. Fit and function issues for mating components, threads, clips and seals can be pinpointed with comprehensive visual inspection.

3D X-ray of an electrical component confirming the part which failed the vibration test

Real-Time X-ray

Real time X-ray allows intuitively navigate a test component while it is in motion to find defects quickly. Result can be saved as either slice images or video for your review.

2D X-ray scanning of an electronic circuit board. The voids on solder is clearly shown in the image.

2D X-ray Scanning
Thin parts such as electronic circuit board is suitable for X-ray scanning. The voids on solder is clearly shown in the image.

2D X-ray image of an electronic circuit board. Cavities and fibers are clearly observed on the nylon resin material products with foam molding made of short fiber GFRP.

2D X-ray Material Analysis
Cavities and fibers are clearly observed on the nylon resin material products with foam molding made of short fiber GFRP.

Data from 3D X-ray CT Scanning showing inspection of critical locations within a circuit board

3D X-ray CT Scanning For Connectivity Issues
3D data allows inspection in any X, Y, Z planes at all critical locations.

3D X-ray CT scanning image showing cross sectional slices of a circuit board to identify interior defects.

3D X-ray CT Scanning For Failure Analysis
Cross sectional slices identify interior defects.

3D X-ray CT scanning image of a circuit board which shows hidden internal features such as porosity

3D X-ray CT Scanning For Visual Inspection
Hidden internal features, such as porosity can be inspected quickly.

Void Analysis Video

YouTube Video showing the Void Analysis process

Equipment Used For Testing

Nikon XT H 225 – The XT H 225 is an all-purpose CT and X-ray inspection machine. This system features a microfocused X-ray source with high image resolution and handles large inspection volume. You can see a list of specifications and additional features for the XT H 225 below:

Operating Voltage: 30 to 225kV
Power Rating: 225 W High Power
Focal Spot Size: 3 μm
Beam Current: 0 to 1mA
Beam Angle: 25° included angle, conical beam
Maximum Travel: X 185mm / Y 280mm / Z 730mm
Maximum Weight: 15 kg
Filament Type: Tungsten
Manipulator Max Travel: 185 mm in X, 280 mm in Y and 730 mm in Z
Varian: 2520Dx 16bit Digital Panel
Additional Features: Various analysis functions such as creation of slice image of minimum 5 μm, identification of material by gray scale adjustment, various dimension measurement and area / volume calculations are available.

Metrology & Inspection Lab Locations

The main metrology testing facilities at JTL America are located in Livonia, Michigan. We offer a variety of high quality industrial inspections at this location including blue light 3D scanning and X-ray CT scanning. This testing lab is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 which is the global standard of quality governing the operation of testing laboratories. JTL America provides fast quotes and accepts projects all throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago/Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and more.

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JTL America has a wide range of testing techniques to evaluate systems, products, and product materials or components. Our metrology and inspection services are available for various industries including engineering, mechanical, automotive, primary metals, biomedical and aerospace. Our specialists are adept at various methods available and understand relevant standards and specifications of the materials or systems they are evaluating.

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