automotiveX-ray CT scanning has proven to have a lot of uses in several industries. In the medical field, it can help doctors find physical issues such as broken bones, fractures, enlarged organs and other injuries without invasive surgery. It saves both the doctor and the patient’s time and money.

In the security industry, X-rays are used to scan a person or the contents of his/her bag in a matter of seconds without having security guards touch the bag. This ensures that there is evidence when needed and no tampering occurs.

The same is true for X-rays in the automobile industry. With X-ray CT scanning, damages inside a vehicle can be seen without having to go through all the parts. The scanning equipment can also scan for signs without risking further damage, which can be blamed on the company.

While X-ray technology exists for cars, X-ray CT scanning allows customers and businesses to see 3D CT scan models of their automobiles. This has helped automobile companies in multiple ways.

Quality Assurance

Automobiles require many components and systems installed or welded in when it is constructed. There is always the risk of flaws, defects, or errors in construction that are not visible once the finished product is complete.

Without damaging the car or removing parts and causing another flaw, vehicle companies can simply have the car parts checked for signs of damage or defect with X-ray CT scanning. This ensures the reliability of the car parts. The technology is more effective than regular X-rays since it can give companies an all-around view of the vehicle.


X-ray CT scanning becomes an essential tool for maintenance and inspections. During inspections, a company can detect components that are in need of replacement without touching the internal parts. This is a method that can save costs for manufacturers. Testing does not damage the system, after all.

Crash Testing

X-rays can be used in research to provide a detailed insight on what causes injuries or fatalities during a collision. Last year in Germany, researchers used X-ray technology to observe a high-speed impact. While X-rays have been used only for static observation, the technology was improved on to analyze a car crash as it happens.

The researchers wanted to find out how the internal structure of a modern small-to-midsized vehicle affected a crash. This was not visible from the outside, and the complex materials comprising the interior may be difficult to analyze once the collision has happened.

The X-ray provided quality shots of the interior, accurate images of what happens during a crash. According to the report, the researchers found the X-ray useful for their research and hoped to use the technology to study further 3D images of how the interior deforms during an impact.

These are just some of the examples of how X-rays can help the automotive industry. With JTL America, car businesses and related industries in need of X-ray CT scanning can get a wide array of testing techniques. Contact JTL America today and request a formal quotation.